"Interstellar entertainment!"

A weekly podcast produced/hosted by MD of The Boomsday Alliance (Jayme McDonald). A producer/artist/consultant in the entertainment industry with several years of unique experiences hosts interesting guests mixed with comedy and aggression. A must-listen show for upcoming artists in the entertainment field.

Boards/Audio/Video: Chris Martin aka C-Mart

MD is a producer/artist of all kinds of music.

He does decent things with music people.
Previous production projects or groups include (but are not limited to): Crooked I, KIDS/33KIDS, Chino XL, MAKA, Angerville, Lil'Bit, Leenie Bennett, D.O. (Art of Fresh), Nikki Saint, Stephanie Nelson, Eternal Love, The Mighty Apos, B. Mendez, Merkules, The Cut Losses, Ryan Morrissette, Curtis Monumental, Giuliano Jack, MC Direito [Japan], Shea Carter, Kwasi Thomas, Mizzy, Jakub Evolved, Kelvin Smoler  etc...
Signal Ops [Video Game], Ties That Bind [TV Series] The Fall [Video Game], As I Wake [Short Film}. Puppy Snow Adventure [Viral Video], Slow Motion Crocodiles [Viral Video], The Boomcast [Podcast], Knights of Dunsmuir [Podcast],  etc...


As seen on Time Magazine Newsfeed, Buzzfeed, HipHopCanada.com, HipHopVancouver.com, BitCandy.com, VanCityBuzz.com, MSN.com, Yahoo.com, VancityBuzz.com and MORE! etc...

Named one of the "Best Unsigned Artists of 2013" - BitCandy.com


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